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*.:Shake:.* Store is closed for now and I am trying to find time to put some of my more recent items on the MP.  I love creating items and I have appreciated the support from my followers over the past few years.  However, creating new items was starting to take up so much of my time and I was not getting the chance to enjoy Second Life the way I like too. The requirements to produce items on a time constraint was getting a bit hectic and I have a RL job that is stressful enough, LOL!  And to be honest the competition is stiff in SL and it is hard to compete with the big name brands. I am not sure if I will give up my store completely and stop creating altogether but it will be on my time only and all for fun. 
Hugs to those of you that have had my back over the past few years and to my friends that have encouraged and motivated me along the way!! 


New skin exclusively for ALTAMURA  Bento Mesh Heads. Skin is available in 3 skin tones and each tone includes 2 eyelash options and 2 lipstick options.  Included are 3 different shapes for Giselle, Valentina and Monique bento mesh heads.
Sophia skin will fit other Altamura heads nicely but please try  DEMO first.
This skin is available in *.:Shake:.* Main Store now!

The Skin Fair opens on March 9th and closes on March 25th.  You will find below my exclusives for the Fair, 3 skins and a tattoo.  The skins all include mesh body appliers, modifiable shapes, modifiable eyebrows, applier HUD that includes makeup (lipstick & eye makeup) and a few other goodies! There will be demos at the event to test the skins but all the feature on the HUD for demos are not active (full purchases will of course include full HUD functions).  DEMO body shapes & eyebrows are also are not modifiable but fully modifiable with purchased pack.
Hope you give them a try and enjoy them!  Thank you ♥





*NEW for Hentai Fair 3*
Opening February 16th at 1PM SLT & Ending February 28th 1PM SLT.
This skin is exclusively for the Kemono body and Catwa Heads (shown on Uma).  Included in your  purchase are 3 shapes for the following Catwa heads: Catya, Uma and Lona.  The shapes are fully modifiable so you can adjust them to work with any Catwa head, a modifiable brow shape is included, an all in one applier HUD that includes a brow and no brow head applier, Kemono Human skin applier, 3 eyelash appliers, 3 eye shadow appliers and 3 lipsticks.  Please try the Demo and if you have any questions please contact me! Thank you♥
~ Taxi to Hentai Fair 3 ~

Hi everyone!  It has been a while since I have released anything new but I have been working on new skins for the upcoming Skin Fair in March, the 9th through March 25th.  I did had some time to work on some new fancy Falsie Lashes for Catwa heads!  There are 6 lash options for you to enjoy. They are available in my main store now!
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Available at *.:SHAKE:.* Main Store now!