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*NEW for Hentai Fair 3*
Opening February 16th at 1PM SLT & Ending February 28th 1PM SLT.
This skin is exclusively for the Kemono body and Catwa Heads (shown on Uma).  Included in your  purchase are 3 shapes for the following Catwa heads: Catya, Uma and Lona.  The shapes are fully modifiable so you can adjust them to work with any Catwa head, a modifiable brow shape is included, an all in one applier HUD that includes a brow and no brow head applier, Kemono Human skin applier, 3 eyelash appliers, 3 eye shadow appliers and 3 lipsticks.  Please try the Demo and if you have any questions please contact me! Thank you♥
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Hi everyone!  It has been a while since I have released anything new but I have been working on new skins for the upcoming Skin Fair in March, the 9th through March 25th.  I did had some time to work on some new fancy Falsie Lashes for Catwa heads!  There are 6 lash options for you to enjoy. They are available in my main store now!
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Finally life is sorting itself out and I am working on some new releases.  The following new release is available in  *.:SHAKE:.* mainstore now!  The top comes in white and black and the shorts come in Navy or Dark. The sizes are for Maitreya, Slink Hourglass & Slink Physique.  The shorts can be made for Belleza sizes, Tonic and Standard SL sizing. If you want these made for you please send me an IM in world with your request. Sorry but the top is only available in Maitreya & Slink HG/Phy.

Available in Store Now *.:SHAKE:.*

"Najila" Eyes now available at Hashtag# January round!

"Deco Gown" Available at *.:SHAKE:.* Main Store now!

Floor length gown that is perfect for holiday parties!
The "Deco Gown" Comes in the following Fitted Mesh sizes:
SL Standard Fitted Mesh XS-L Sizes,
Fitted Mesh for Maitreya, Belleza Venus, Slink Physique
*(Try DEMOS)*

"Don't Touch My Putty" Bra & Panty Set Available at *.:SHAKE:.*Main Store now!

Available at *.:SHAKE:.* Main Store now!

New Galaxy Eyes Available at *.:Shake:.* Main Store now!

Mouth and Teeth Applier HUD specifically for Catwa Mesh Heads!  Photo realistic inner mouth with 4 teeth style options to choose from via one convenient HUD!
Available at *.:SHAKE:.*Main Store now!

Another Mesh Eye pack realise!  "Calla Eyes"  Are also Mesh eyes with 6 textures to choose from via a HUD.  This allows you to mix and match eye colors.  System eyes are included but you are not able to mix and match these!  They are available at the*.:SHAKE:.*Main Store!

Available at *.:Shake:.* Main Store now!

Mila Skin will be available at the Black Dot Project Starting April 11th!
*Mila Skin Includes mesh body part appliers & a Slink appliers HUD for all Slink parts!*

 "Little Tops' Will be available at The Black Dot Project starting April 11th

 "Dirty Girl" Jeans Will be available at The Black Dot Project starting April 11th