Although I have not accepted sponsors in a long time, I do have a few creators that I work with when they ask me to blog something for them. I am also open to blogging for other creators if they are interested but please, do not just send me your items and then expect me to blog them.  Talk to me a little, send me a picture and lets see if your creations fit my style!  I also do not mind going to your store and checking out your items and buying something that I might really enjoy blogging!  I think it is better to work together and to support one another.  I do much better when I blog items I like than having every single creation thrown at me :-) 


Current Sponsors that I work with:

The following is a list of previous sponsors that I keep here because they inspired me along the way!

  • Gamer's Inc.
  • Vampir Draken
  • Le Forme
  • SASSY!
  • [SAKIDE]
  • :FY: Forever Young
  • Purple Poses
  • Aimi Skins
  • WOW Skins
  • All the "We Love To Blog" Sponsors (List is just way to long)